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DilMad announces that it will begin work on an open-source .NET application framework.

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White Papers

Querying XML Data Directly from SQL Server 2000
By :Travis Vandersypen

XML is quickly becoming the preferred method of passing information, not only for the internet, but also across applications, and even within the same application. Until now, developers have been forced to create proprietary routines to convert data stored within a database system into XML. With the release of SQL Server 2000, however, the potential exists to query data directly from SQL Server into XML format.

Leveraging the Power of Intellisense
By :Travis Vandersypen

This white paper explores the IntelliSense capabilities of Visual FoxPro 7 and how you can extend the functionality in the event additional functionality is required or may be helpful. It discusses what the IntelliSense features of Visual FoxPro 7 offer as well as how to configure the native features of IntelliSense to provide more of what developers need.

A First Step to Understanding XML Schemas
By :Travis Vandersypen

Document Type Definitions have generated quite a few complaints since they were introduced. As a result, the W3C set about creating a new standard for defining a document's structure. What they the W3C created is something even more complex and flexible than DTDs: the XML Schema Definition Language...

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DilMad announces partnership with LandPro Corp to produce the next-generation land management system for energy companies.

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Querying XML Data Directly from SQL Server 2000.
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